privacy policy

FantasyGlass is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. This document outlines our delivery privacy, general privacy and data protection policy. FantasyGlass will operate the site according to the following principles:

delivery privacy - utmost discretion

Your order will be delivered in an unmarked (no senders name or logo) reinforced cardboard tube for your total privacy.

personal information

In order to register interest, applicants will be asked to provide FantasyGlass with certain information that includes a company name, your name, your position with the company and the company address or, for individual applicants, a current address and other information. FantasyGlass will maintain this information in strict confidence and only use this information in compliance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 or other statutory provision or direction of law. For security of your information, FantasyGlass takes all reasonable steps to ensure that sensitive information that FantasyGlass collects is only accessible by authorised persons. No transmission over the Internet can be 100% secure and although FantasyGlass will take all reasonable steps to protect information in storage, FantasyGlass cannot guarantee the integrity of transmission over the Internet.

third parties

Your personal sensitive information and data is only shared with unrelated third parties at your direction or as required by law. FantasyGlass will not pass your information on to any advertisers or the like except with your permission.


Information you provide to FantasyGlass will be used by FantasyGlass to offer you/your Company products sold by FantasyGlass via Telephone, Mail, Fax, E-mail/Internet. FantasyGlass will remove you/your Company from its database if asked to do so.

terms of use

A breach of this privacy policy is a breach of the Terms of Use. For further information on privacy, consult the information provided by the Australian Privacy Commissioner which can be found at